[VIP account]

Action - on all characters of the account.

Account Bonuses


1) Double the amount of gold received
2) Permanent effect of impenetrable crystal keeper
3) Double the number of daily tasks
4) Valor Points +100%
5) Equipment Mastery +20%
6) Talent Experience +20%
7) Double experience


1) Double the number of entrances to the dungeons
2) Increased travel coin recovery speed
3) Increased number of travel coins
4) Loot Drop Rate +100%

Trade and craft

1) Possibility to list up to 50 items at the broker
2) Broker's commission when buying 10%
3) Broker commission when registering items 2%
4) Increased item creation speed
5) Probability of creating a masterpiece + 10%


1) Atlas
2) Traveler's Journal
3) Ability to summon useful NPCs
4) Special mount
5) Daily VIP gift box
6) Daily box of noctinium infusion
7) Daily 100% EXP Boost Potion
8) Daily access to the Glade of the Ancient


[SUPER] [VIP account]

Action - on all characters of the account.

The SUPER VIP account includes everything that the basic VIP account provides + gives you access to the Special Items Game Store.