The following rules are mandatory for all "TERA MAGIC" servers

This edition of the rules defines the types of violations within the game and responsibility for them. By creating an account/character, you unconditionally agree to these rules.
All questions regarding game characters/user accounts are resolved only with their owners.
In case of violation of the rules of the game and / or the license agreement, the corresponding game penalties are applied.
The owner of the account bears all responsibility, regardless of who performed actions under the account.
The administration reserves the right at any time without notice to make changes to these Rules and supplement them.
To get an explanation of the reason for blocking your character, please send an email with a request to the user support service.

Rules of the game

1. Use of undeclared features and program errors of the Game.
Undeclared features - functionality of the Game that is not described or does not correspond to those described in the developer's documentation, the use of which may violate the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the information being processed.
a) Any use of undeclared features and software errors of the Game is prohibited.
b) It is forbidden to use software bugs for personal gain.
c) It is forbidden to use software errors that harm the game or other Users.
d) It is forbidden to distribute information about software errors to other Users through game resources (chat, forum, private messages)
e) It is forbidden to use more than one game client on one computer at the same time, as well as the use of several accounts by one User if this interferes with the normal gameplay of other Users, not directly provided for by the design of the game, but possible due to the peculiarities of its technical implementation.
Note: In case of detection of a critical error, upon its immediate delivery to the Administration, encouragement with game bonuses is due.
2. Botting/scripting.
a) Unauthorized influence on the server and (or) the game code is prohibited. Authorized influences are game plug-ins/add-ons/programs approved (registered or licensed) by the Administration that are installed on the User's side and modify the appearance, information, actions, etc., without interfering with the internal processes of the game.
b) It is prohibited to create and launch a bot or other automated (semi-automated) program unauthorized by the Administration for the purpose of performing any actions aimed at the User's character or other characters, for pumping and (or) enriching oneself, as well as actions aimed at the game chat.
c) It is forbidden to install any cheat programs that give the User an advantage over other players.
3. Fraud.
Any fraudulent use of electronic payment systems is prohibited.
4. Hacking.
It is forbidden to gain access to the account(s) of third parties, transfer game values from the character(s) of third parties, as well as facilitate such transfer. In case of loss of the character's game property by selecting and stealing (theft) the password to the account (or the e-mail address to which the account is registered), or by deceiving (or breaching trust) of the account owner, the property stolen or deleted by the attacker is not returned and the account is blocked.
5. Content.
The rules for entering any user information are located in the Communication Rules.
6. Game resources (items)/accounts.
It is prohibited to trade (buy and/or sell) game items/resources or accounts for real money, as well as advertising such trade. Any commercial advertising is prohibited. Any fraudulent activity or attempt directly or indirectly related to in-game items/resources or accounts is prohibited.
7. Other terms.
It is forbidden to transfer the account to third parties.
For these and other violations of the rules of the game, the User may be immediately, without any prior notice, denied the provision of the functionality of the Game, or such functionality may be partially limited.
If a violation is detected, the offender's account is permanently banned. The ban is removed once the violation is resolved and the account is subject to a penalty adjustment based on the severity of the violation.
The administration reserves the right to change the punishment for violations of these paragraphs at its discretion, depending on the severity of the deed.
The Administration administers the Game solely at its own discretion. The use of the Game services is carried out by the User solely independently and on an “as-is” basis, that is, the Game Administration is not liable to the User under any circumstances for any direct and / or indirect damage that may be caused to the User in connection with the receipt of the Game service or the impossibility get such a service.
The right to use the Additional Functionality of the Game is considered granted at the moment the game currency is credited to the in-game account of the User's account. Further use of game currency by the User is carried out exclusively within the framework of the game process (Game), does not give rise to the Administration's responsibility for their use / non-use by the User.
Acquisition of the rights to use the Additional Functionality of the Game and their payment are not a necessary condition for the User's participation in the Game, or obtaining the rights to use the Game as a whole. The rights to use the Additional Functionality of the Game are granted at the request and desire of the User. Additional functionality of the Game is an integral part of the Game, is not a separate computer program, and the rights to use it can be exercised by the User only in connection with the use of the Game.

Communication Rules

Bot is an automated (semi-automated) program that emulates the actions of the User, created with the aim of performing any actions aimed at the User's character or other characters, for pumping and / or enriching its character or characters of other Users, as well as actions aimed at chat games.
Fraud is the receipt of paid services provided in the game, game items, currency and other valuables by using electronic payment systems in a fraudulent way.
Blocking - temporary or permanent blocking of an account without the right to further enter the game and any influence by the owner on the character.
Game master (GM / GM) - a specialist on the staff of the publishing company, registered on the forum with the appropriate status (GM or Game Master), answering questions from users and giving explanations on certain problems.
- Non-random repeated repetition of one or more phrases of the same type;
- Excessive use of symbols, letters, words in messages ("))))", "!!!!!!" etc.) that creates obstacles to chatting;
- Meaningless text - a set of characters that does not carry a semantic load, clogs the chat window and interferes with other Users.
Offtopic - leaving messages that are not related to the topic under discussion. Moderators are allowed to delineate the scope of the discussion and the degree of permissible deviation from the main topic at their discretion.
Trolling is the posting of messages in order to cause a flame, conflicts between Users, insults, as well as messages that may prevent further discussion of the topic in a pleasant atmosphere.
Caps (caps lock, Caps Lock) - writing messages in predominantly uppercase (most of the phrase is written in capital letters). Examples of the use of caps that fall under this violation: "HELLO", "ONLINE GAME", "HELLO TO EVERYONE".
Profanity - obscene, abusive expressions.
Veiled swearing is profanity (mat), artificially modified by replacing the key parts of words for perception with other letters or symbols, while maintaining the semantic load of the original word.
Creation of conflict situations, provocations - conflicting positions of the parties on any occasion, the pursuit of opposite goals, the use of various means to achieve them, a mismatch of interests, desires, etc., which can lead to more serious violations, quarrels, insults. It is allowed for a moderator to intervene in a discussion that can go beyond what is permitted, with a warning about the upcoming punishment and a request to change the topic to a more friendly one.
Defamation - discrediting information or dissemination of deliberately false information that discredits the honor and dignity of another person or undermines his reputation. It is absolutely unacceptable to slander the Administration.
Discussion of punishments and actions of the moderator - complaints about the actions of the moderators can be left in a special topic on the forum. Any discussion or assessment of the actions of moderators in other places is prohibited.
Distribution of malicious links - otherwise sounds like RBC. Distribution of links to third-party games and projects; sites that can harm the User's computer. Links to the internal resources of the project, the forum and near-game resources are allowed, the content of which does not violate the license agreement, the rules of the game, the forum and the laws of the Russian Federation.
Incitement of ethnic hatred - designation of actions aimed at inciting national, racial hatred, social hatred or hostility, humiliation of national dignity, as well as statements about the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their attitude to nationality.
Discussion of topics of a sexual nature - posting pornographic and erotic materials, propaganda of pornography, erotica, as well as discussion of topics related to issues of a sexual nature.
2. Language of communication.
Communication in any language is allowed.
3. General rules.
The following are prohibited in the TERA project:
3.1. flood, offtopic, caps, trolling, obstruction of discussion;
3.2. provocation or incitement to violate the rules of the Game;
3.3. attempts to cheat, deceive or mislead other Users;
3.4. insulting other Users, including without the use of profanity, as well as provocation to insult or swear;
3.5. the use and citation of profanity, veiled expressions, if they have a double meaning and can be regarded as vulgar or obscene (for example, replacing letters in words with any special characters or shortening obscene phrases);
3.6. explicit and veiled discussion, advertising or propaganda of the use of narcotic drugs, alcohol or any other substances prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
3.7. statements (including slogans, greetings and sayings) of a racist, fascist, nationalist nature, as well as other forms of humiliation of human dignity on religious, sexual or any other grounds, attempts to incite ethnic, interracial hatred, calls for violence, terrorism.
3.8. threats of violence in real life, as well as threats of causing any damage;
3.9. extortion or begging in all possible manifestations.
3.10. discussion, proposals, demand for the sale of services for pumping any parameters for real (non-game) values or services;
3.11. attempts to impersonate a representative of the Game Administration, as well as any other attempts to gain access to the Accounts of third parties.
3.12. advertising of automated (semi-automated) programs, the purpose of which is to commit any actions aimed at dishonest play, dishonest enrichment of the User.
3.13. discussion of the Game and gaming features in a negative way;
3.14. distribution of malicious links (RVS). RBC is any link other than internal links of the TERA project; advertising or discussion of other game projects that are not related to the TERA project, placing them in hidden links;
3.15. discussion of politics, the political system, the state structure, the actions of politicians, the actions of public authorities, state institutions or any political entities;
3.16. destructive actions in relation to the TERA project, such as public calls by other Users to stop participating in the TERA project, as well as statements about their withdrawal from it or any other actions that could lead to negative consequences for the gameplay or interfere with its development;
3.17. using and citing profanity, veiled expressions in nicknames, guild names, in-game notes, and in other ways available within the Game;
3.18. the use of names, titles, veiled expressions, abbreviations, numbers and numerical values, quoting slogans, appeals, inscriptions, in any way related to National Socialism, Nazism, fascism, racism, extremism, terrorism in nicknames, mottos, clan names, in personal information and by any other means available within the Game;
3.19. discussion of the actions of moderators and Administrators
3.20. criticism, obscene and offensive statements, expressions of obvious disagreement, dissatisfaction with the decisions or actions of the Administration;
3.21. criticism, expressions of explicit disagreement, dissatisfaction with the new or existing functionality of the Game, the features of the game world;
3.22. registration of characters, guilds, where there is profanity, or which are similar to the names of representatives of the Administration;
3.23. placement of pornographic and erotic materials, propaganda of pornography, erotica, as well as discussion of topics related to issues of a sexual nature.
All of the above provisions apply to all aspects of communication within the TERA project, including but not limited to forum communication, chat, private messages, and any character's public activities.
4. The procedure for establishing a violation.
If a violation of any of the rules is found, it is necessary to leave a request on the forum in a special topic, according to the application form indicated there.
5. Procedure for eliminating the violation.
Upon detection of a violation, sanctions are applied to the account or character of the violator without warning in accordance with Art. 7 of these Rules corresponding to this violation. No compensation for existing game items and services at the time of application of the punishment and throughout its duration is not made.
When a violation is detected, the violator's character is subject to permanent blocking. The block is removed when the violation is cleared and the character is subjected to punishment adjustments according to the degree of the violation.
6. Other cases.
In other cases, not covered in the above Rules of the Game and the Rules of Communication, when the action in one way or another causes damage to the project, the decision to impose penalties is determined by the Administration.
The system of the Rules of the Game is not precedent and each case of violation of the rules is considered on an individual basis.
7. Possible punishments.
By decision of the representatives of the Administration, any of the following list can be chosen as a punishment for a violation:
1. One-time forced exit of the offender from the game (kick)
2. Block chat for a while
3. Account blocking temporarily and permanently
In the event of a single, questioned or minor violation of these Rules, the player may be issued a warning. The administration has the right to apply sanctions to the account / characters without warning and explanation. In case of repeated, malicious violations of the Rules, the Administration has the right to decide on a permanent ban on communication in game chats, or on a permanent blocking of the player's account.
8. Complaints about the actions of Game Masters and representatives of the Administration.
Objective and justified complaints about the actions of Game Masters and Administration representatives must be sent to the Head of Administration. In case of false/unsubstantiated accusations of other players, game masters and representatives of the Administration in violation of the Rules, sanctions are applied to the player who sent such accusations.
9. Other terms.
The Administration is not responsible for any statements of the User published on the resources of the Game. The Administration is not responsible for the behavior of the User on the resources of the Game, including the behavior, nature and ideology of the game characters controlled by the User, the actions of the game characters in the Game, disrespectful attitude towards other Users of the Game and the game characters controlled by them. The Administration is not responsible for such actions of other participants in the Game.