Open Beta Test
Open Beta Test
May 06, 2022
Open Beta Test

Dear players!

The Tera Magic game server is a new project for the Tera Online game. There are 2 game worlds for players - Mars (MSK) and Venus (EURO).

On 05/06/2022 at 18:00 Moscow time we are launching the Open Beta Testing (OBT) of the Tera Magic project on the Mars game world (located by Moscow time).

At the time of opening, the game world will be wiped (but not accounts), and the accounts themselves will remain in place.

The duration of OBT is at least 2 weeks. The exact opening date will be announced in separate news.

All game client download options are available on the page:

We ask you to register an account in advance and download the client, as well as check at least the entrance to the game before the start.

This should all be done prior to the Opening to reduce the likelihood of problems with the game client on launch day.

Donations will be available during the OBT, this event will be announced as a separate news item

At the time of opening, all donations made during the OBT period will be returned to the account balance.

Come play with us and stay with us!

Sincerely, Server Administration